30 April 2021




“Biopharmaceutical is one of the most rewarding industries to Dr Jinquan Sun. ‘In this industry, it’s intrinsically overlapping personal fulfillment with values to the society,’ she said. .”


The joint scientific laboratory of Convergen Pharmaceuticals and XJTLU’s Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy will provide each other with advantageous resources, technology, policy, talent intelligence information in the field of R&D of innovative drugs for anti-tumor and immune diseases, and jointly implement and complete the scientific research projects approved by both parties after negotiation. In the cooperation, Convergen will contribute research funding, industrial equipment, and industry expertise; The Academy will provide venues, project topics, technical support and platforms, as well as taking responsibility for the management, operation and staff resourcing of the laboratory.


We are in the best of times. At this moment, China's biomedical field is enriched with excellent scientists, industry experts and great financial support, which makes it possible for us to create long-term value and realize pharmaceutical ideal. At the same time, we are also lucky to meet like-minded partners and choose to cooperate with Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy of XJTLU, because our team shares the same desires. We look forward to the long-term cooperation with the team of XJTLU’s Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy.


Professor Mu Wang, Executive Dean of the Academy, said that XJTLU’s Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy is jointly built by XJTLU and Suzhou Industrial Park. It aims to cooperate with the government, industry and society, Incubate the world-class international innovation ecology of biomedicine and help Suzhou "No. 1 industry" to build a world-class biomedical industry landmark.


The new joint laboratory was a significant step. Everybody knows that Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy is trying to work very closely with local industries. This is a very good start, and we are just getting established a collaborative laboratory here on the XJTLU campus with the local start-up company called Convergen.’ he said.



With the same desires, an open and inclusive environment, and international business and cooperation mode, we believe that with the joint attention and efforts of both sides, the joint scientific laboratory will produce valuable achievements for the industry and become a cutting-edge scientific laboratory integrating industry, University and research in the biomedical industry.