WO Approach

A Business Model Adapting to Realities

Break Information Fragmentation and Systematically Search for Translatable Science


Cancer drug development is in an era with unprecedented prosperity. But fragmented information stops any single organization from reaching full potential on drug discoveries.

The internal database built by Convergen aims to break the fragmentation of data in drug discoveries. Convergen believes that a systematic search for translatable science will greatly improve the efficiency of identifying innovative opportunies in drug discovery.



Build Capability Modules to Enable Execution


Convergen emphasizes on building organizational capability modules. On one hand, convergen builds internal R&D capability modules based on shared needs of drug development. On the other hand, a strong project management ability module is built to coordinate diverse modules to fit special needs of different projects.

Convergen born with a strong gene of cooperation. By adapting advanced organization and project management theories, convergen creates a team and organizational structure that can efficiently deliver results.



Capital-efficient Construction of a Differentiated Pipeline


Through the database, Convergen team constantly looks for highly differentiated innovative projects, and builds the pipeline with diversified risk levels across modalities and MoAs.

Strong executive capability of Convergen team, as well as its focus on translation from lab bench to clinical POC, enables higher throughput of projects and allows iteration within the organization, which further alleviates risk.



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